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Top 6 Best Baby Proofing Products for Every Home

image of child leaning into bin of books

When you go to Target or look on Amazon and all of the baby proofing supplies on the market, it’s overwhelming. There are a ton of different brands and thousands of different contraptions all claiming to make your home a haven for your kids. You don’t need to buy every single product on the market to make your home safe for a tiny tot. These are the tried and true best baby proofing products we’ve used and love.

What does your home need to be safe for a curious tiny human? Do you need to lock every single cabinet and put foam padding on every corner?


That’s a waste of your time and your money. Your goal is simple, eliminate all of the high-risk scenarios. What’s a high-risk situation? Well, it’s anything that could likely end badly for your kid. Like, falling headfirst into the toilet because they think the water is cool. Good news! I’ve done the work for you and have figured out some of the most dangerous places in your home and given suggestions for how to make them less vulnerable.

Once you know exactly where the risks are in your home, it’s easy to pick the best baby proofing products for your home and family. Here are some of the favorites at our house!

Best Baby Proofing Products

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Cabinet Locks

You don’t need to put a lock on every single cabinet and drawer in your home. Decide which ones are the most dangerous (like under the sink, or pots and pans) and put locks on those. I also put a lock on the cabinet that irritates me the most to clean up 500 times a day- our Tupperware cabinet.

This is our favorite cabinet lock. It’s simple to use and easy to install. Bonus, it doesn’t require some magnetic magic key to unlock it. Those are my least favorite baby proofing product because if you lose the key, you’re screwed. Opt for a simple cabinet lock that you can open with one hand, like this one.

Toilet Lock

If you have a bathroom that is accessible to your child most of the day, you need to put a lock on the toilet. It is one of the best baby proofing products you can get, just for the peace of mind, it brings. We have a half bath on our main floor, and the door to the bathroom is almost always left open. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked by and seen my youngest with her hand in the bowl trying to touch the water. I don’t know what it is about toilet water and kids; it’s like moths to a flame.

This decoy button is cool. The tot thinks they’re pressing a button that will let them open the toilet, but it doesn’t. Jokes on you, kid!

Just be careful. This gadget has tricked several adults at our house too.

Ever wonder what safety products you actually need for your baby? Find out what the best baby proofing products are and why you need them!

Safety Gates

Yes, you need safety gates. When the gates are up in our house, I know that my child cannot get to the stairs without me. Limiting your child’s access to certain areas of your home keeps them safe because they aren’t able to go exploring without your supervision. I recommend storing at least one movable gate on each floor of your house and also consider fixed barriers for any high-risk areas- like stairs or large openings that are hard to block.

Favorite Moveable Gate

Favorite Fixed Gate

Anti-Tip Strap

Your furniture needs to be secured with an anti-tip strap. Children can scale a dresser to get to a shiny object in 3.2 seconds flat. I know, because I’ve timed them.

Ok, I haven’t timed them. But, kids will scale (or try to climb) the furniture. Installing an anti-tip strap prevents the furniture from falling onto your child and squishing them. Scary, right? That’s why they’re one of the best baby proofing products you can put in your home.

Range Knob Covers

Ovens are scary. Not only do kids see their parents using a stove often, but they also see the knobs staring at them just begging to be turned. Knob covers prevent your child from accidentally turning on your stove and potentially burning their hand.

Bathtub Spout Cover

Spout covers aren’t just cute; they serve a safety purpose too. Kids become flailing slippery little fish when they take a bath. Spout covers help to protect their noggins from getting gashed open on the sharp edges of the spout. A spout cover might make it hurt less when your child hits their head on it, but that’s not the primary purpose. The primary goal of the cover is to make sure your child doesn’t get a massive head wound in the bathtub.

Do you have any best baby proofing products you like to recommend? Let me know what they are!

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Ever wonder what safety products you actually need for your baby? Find out what the best baby proofing products are and why you need them!

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