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Best RV Toilet Paper

If you’re unsure whether your TP is the best RV toilet paper to use, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about RV TP.

Determining the best RV toilet paper is a lot to think about. There are many factors to consider when looking at all the available options.

I’m sure that you have heard about the possibility of a clog in your plumbing.

It would scare the bejesus out of most people, imagining not being able to empty your black tank, or worse, having it back up into your camper. 

What to use will depend on with whom you speak. Manufacturers and salesmen will tell you that you have to use the RV toilet paper specifically designed to degrade at a faster rate than your household toilet paper.

While that is a good practice, you will find that a little research would reveal that most campers use the same old toilet paper that they use at home. 

Top 8 Best RV Toilet Papers

Since there are two groups of thought on the matter, I will cover both sides to show you that there are viable options in both categories.

There will be 4 options to choose from in each category and any of them would honestly be a good choice. Take a look below to go over each brand, and be sure to check out the information that follows that covers any questions that you may have.

Toilet Paper Made for RVs

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper
$24.97 ($0.62 / 100 Sheets)

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03/20/2023 06:44 pm

Firebelly Outfitters really blows the competition out of the water with their toilet paper specifically designed for RVs. They’re a small company in comparison to some of the others that you will find on this list, but they’re veteran and family owned.

You can tell that it was designed by people that know what it is like to go camping because it checks all of the boxes. It comes in an 8 pack of 500 sheets per roll.

That’s right! 500 sheets per roll! You’re also getting 2-ply toilet paper here when more than half of the rolls on the market are a 1-ply. Even with their 2-ply paper, they’re still one of the top manufacturers in terms of how quickly the paper dissolves.

Its fast dissolve rate will preserve the quality of your tanks and minimize your septic treatments. Its biodegradable nature will take your chances of a clog to effectively zero.

They’ve kept you in mind when packaging the rolls for storage. Each roll is individually wrapped to protect it from any environmental hazards which means that you could store it practically anywhere in your camper without worry.

Bottom line: this is a quality toilet paper that is developed by a smaller company that has your interests at heart over making a quick buck. This is evidenced by the level of product that they put out while having one of the most economical options in RV toilet paper.

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

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03/20/2023 06:44 pm

Another great choice for toilet paper that is specifically designed to be used in RVs is the Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper. It touts its ability to dissolve four times faster than the leading bath tissue brand.

It is a 1-ply tissue that aids in dissolving at such a fast pace, but it has the thickness of your traditional 2-ply toilet paper. You will get 231 sheets per roll which is a decent amount per roll.

This will provide you with the comfort that you are accustomed to at home while providing your plumbing and black tank the best opportunity to minimize any chance of a clog prior to pumping. Scott is a very well known brand when it comes to any paper products, so you won’t be disappointed with this toilet paper.

Being such a popular brand, it comes with the guarantee that it has been through rigorous testing to meet the requirements as an RV toilet paper. Its high absorbency is unlike that of its competitors.

This will provide you with peace of mind when doing your business without worrying about having to flush half a roll just to get the job done. It is very versatile in that it has the ability to also be used in boats, buses, and any type of RV.

Overall, this rapid-dissolving toilet paper is a good choice if you’re looking for a toilet paper that breaks down quickly, is highly absorbent, and is a soft, gentle tissue that won’t cause irritation.

One downside to it is that it can be expensive in comparison to other RV toilet paper brands.

Thetford Aqua Soft Bath Tissue

Thetford RV Toilet Tissue
$10.18 ($2.91 / 100 Sheets)

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03/20/2023 05:40 am

Another solid choice that I would recommend is Thetford’s Aqua Soft Bath Tissue. Aqua Soft will meet and surpass any expectations that an RV owner would expect in terms of comfort.

It has a 2-ply roll which is an upgrade over other 1-ply products. You will experience more comfort because of this. While RV toilet paper is traditionally more expensive than household tissue, Aqua Soft is more of a bargain.

You receive more comfort while still getting a toilet paper that dissolves at a high rate. Each roll comes with 396 sheets which is an extra 70% per roll above Scott’s Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper. You can be sure that these rolls will last significantly longer and prevent the need to purchase as much toilet paper.

Since it is designed for RVs, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have any issues with your plumbing or black tank with this tissue. It’s cloth-like feel also provides a great amount of absorption that can be used for any task.

It’s characteristics allow it to be used on many platforms such as RVs, boats, and many other marine and camping platforms. Overall, Aqua Soft is a high performing, versatile, economical choice for your toilet paper needs.

The hefty roll sizes provide convenience and functionality. You will not be disappointed if you make this your choice to fulfill your wiping needs. 

Camco RV Toilet Tissue

Camco RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue
$14.19 ($0.71 / 100 Sheets)

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03/20/2023 05:40 am

Camco is a name that is well known throughout the camping community for its quality products at a fair price. There is no exception when it comes to toilet paper. It provides a comfortable, dependable clean every time.

You will never have to worry about your level of comfort with this choice, even with it being a 1-ply toilet paper. I found this to be very surprising. Its clog resistance makes it incredibly flushable and safe for any RV systems.

It is also versatile in that it can be used in any marine system as well. You’re getting a middle of the road size roll with 280 sheets per roll, so it wouldn’t be an issue fitting on your toilet paper holder.

Who hasn’t found themselves trying to spin a massive roll of toilet paper that doesn’t go anywhere? This guy sure has.

You won’t fall into that trap with this glorious tissue. It is a fast-dissolving toilet paper that will be safe for us in the black tank within RV. That will ensure a proper breakdown to prevent any of those pesky clogs.

It also does not contain dyes or perfumes in case you have any sensitivities to such items. 

Household Toilet Papers Good for RVs

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

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The top product that you’re going to find in a household toilet paper that can still be used in your RV without creating massive issues would be Angel Soft.

It’s a 2-ply toilet paper that has just enough material to be comfortable while still being thin enough to minimize your chance of getting a clog. The rolls come in various sizes, but you can get their Mega Rolls which can get you up to 425 sheets per roll.

Being a household toilet paper means that you can acquire it at a more reasonable price than RV toilet papers.

If you’re concerned about it not being biodegradable like most RV toilet papers, there is a section below that covers how to be more cautious when disposing of household toilet paper in an RV.

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue
$42.00 ($0.33 / 100 Sheets)

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03/20/2023 06:44 pm

Kirkland is well known for its quality products at a reasonable price. If you have ever been to Costco, you have likely had the same experience. Their toilet paper is no different.

Luckily, this product isn’t sold exclusively at Costco, so it won’t require a membership to purchase. It is a 2-ply toilet paper that is a little on the thinner side, but it remains comfortable to use.

Being thinner will be a benefit since you’re also trying to keep the plumbing in your RV in mind.

These rolls also provide you with plenty of toilet paper since they come with 425 sheets per roll. You won’t end up running out in the middle of a camping trip. That’s for sure.

There are many campers that I have spoken with that swear by Kirkland in their RV. It’s the only thing that they will use, so the large packages are an advantage for them. 

Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper

Scott ComfortPlus Toilet Paper
$16.95 ($0.61 / 100 Sheets)

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03/20/2023 06:44 pm

Who hasn’t heard of Scott paper products? Probably no one unless you live under a rock.

This is a viable option if you’re looking to get toilet paper that will be safe and comfortable while on a budget. You’re able to get more for less with his product.

It is a 1-ply paper, so it will break down much easier than other standard products which will help prevent clogs to the system in your RV.

You’re looking at 231 sheets if you go with their double rolls. This is a widely recommended products among full-time campers. It provides the best of both worlds. 

Scott 1000 Toilet Paper

Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll
$24.80 ($2.07 / 100 Sheets)

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03/20/2023 06:44 pm

Scott 1000 is about as close as you can get to RV toilet paper from a household product. It breaks down 4 times faster than average toilet papers.

It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as being safe for use in RVs and boats, so you will see the same benefits as those toilet papers that are marketed specifically for RVs.

It’s a 1-ply toilet paper which won’t make it quite as comfortable as your 2-ply options, but it will still get the job done. You do, however, get 1000 sheets per roll! You won’t find any toilet paper that comes anywhere close that.

They come individually wrapped as well which will be incredibly convenient for your many adventures. You can put them practically anywhere. 

What is the difference between RV toilet paper and regular toilet paper?

The pipes in your house are designed to take a beating, and when the toilet flushes, you don’t have to worry about where it goes. This isn’t the case in an RV.

You don’t get the same force out of an RV toilet that you would with the one in your bathroom at home. It’s more of a gravity flush that slides it into your black tank.

When dumping your black tank to the sewer, it is a similar gravity effect that uses the weight of the water as a force to cause motion from the black tank to the sewer.

Because of this, RV toilet paper is made to dissolve at a much faster rate since you can’t forget about where everything goes when you flush the toilet. It’s going to be a concern in a couple of days when you have to empty that tank.

By dissolving much quicker, the toilet paper flows easily with the water, causing little resistance. If the toilet paper doesn’t dissolve quickly, like a store-bought toilet paper, it can cause the toilet paper to bunch together in any areas where piping might become narrow which could cause a clog.

How much does RV toilet paper cost compared to household toilet paper?

There is definitely a distinctive difference in price between household toilet paper and RV toilet paper. Developing a product that dissolves at an accelerated rate doesn’t come cheap. It will dissolve 4 times faster than regular toilet paper, but you’re also going to pay about 4 times are much.

Household Toilet Paper

You’re going to pay about $1 per roll for your average toilet paper. As you buy more, the price will obviously go down, but your smaller packages will be around this price.

RV Toilet Paper

This is where you see people jump ship on the idea of RV toilet paper and modify their strategy to accommodate a household brand. The fact is that you’ll be paying $3-4 per roll to prevent a clog.

This would make your 4 pack of toilet paper $12-16. It feels more like you’re wiping with money at that point.

Is Charmin toilet paper safe for an RV?

Short answer, not without undertaking some risk. Charmin is the beefcake of all toilet papers.

It doesn’t matter if you buy Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft. People know what they’re getting when they take home Charmin. It’s like wiping your butt with a cloud.

Comfort aside, the thickness of the toilet paper makes it difficult to flush without causing issues. It would require small amounts of toilet paper with a lot of extra water to be flushed multiple times more than likely.

I have spoken with people that use Charmin exclusively and swear that no issues have arisen. You will likely want to use a chemical to help dissolve the toilet paper while in your black tank if this is a route that you choose to go.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk of a clog in an RV that you’ve spent thousands of dollars in order to have a more comfortable tissue. If it were me, I would stick with something better designed for your RV.

Do you really need special toilet paper for an RV?

How bad could it really be to use standard, household toilet paper in an RV? Well, it depends on what you do and which paper you end up selecting.

If you stuff a bunch of the thickest toilet paper out there and just flush it down without a second thought, you might find yourself with a rather large mess on your hands before too long. Does that mean that you can’t use regular toilet paper in your RV? Absolutely not.

A certain percentage of campers will make the safe choice and go with the paper that is specifically designed to take that plunge into the deep unknown, into the belly of the beast known as your black tank. They’re designed to degrade quickly to minimize any clogs between your toilet and the tank, and also between the tank and the sewer.

They also wouldn’t collect on the bottom of the tank and cause any issues. How many people take this route? It’s too hard to tell, but you would be surprised to hear that if you took a poll, a large percentage of the people that spend time camping frequently throughout the year use ordinary toilet paper in the RVs.

The trick is to not overfill your toilet with paper and to maximize the amount of water that you’re using when flushing. This will saturate the paper as much as possible and give it the best chance to break down.

Topping off your black tank prior to pumping the tank down is good practice to aid in a smooth process. It will provide driving force when you open that valve to dump that black tank into the sewer. Ultimately, if you’re not a risk-taker, the RV toilet paper will be your best option.

If you trust that you can take the appropriate steps to prevent clogs, then store-bought toilet paper will be a feasible choice.

There are some people that don’t even put toilet paper in their toilets. Instead, they throw it in a bag with each use and dispose of it that way, but, honestly, that is too much for me. That’s just asking to create a mess that no one wants to clean up.

Does RV toilet paper really dissolve?

RV toilet paper is specifically designed to dissolve at a rate much higher than that of ordinary toilet paper. We have covered it throughout the article, but it truly does dissolve at a faster rate.

It may not be an instantaneous reaction, but you also would be dumping your black tank 10 times a day. A family of 4 with an average size tank can expect to dump their black tank every 2 to 3 days on a camping trip.

Realistically, any brand of RV toilet paper that you use will be sufficient to prevent any clogs. They’re rigorously tested to ensure quality prior to distribution to the public.

If you happen to get a batch that doesn’t dissolve as quickly as you feel it should, it would be a good idea to grab another brand and give it another go.

Where can I buy RV toilet paper?

It won’t be as easy as walking down the aisle at the grocery store, but finding RV toilet paper is easy than you may believe.

There are many camping stores around the country that are tailored to your camping needs. Camping World is a national chain that you will see no matter where you go.

There are also smaller businesses that run on the same concept. It may take time to go to the location, but they’re great if you find yourself in a pinch and need a last-minute supply.

The most convenient option, and probably the best bargain that you will find is online shopping. It will provide you with the most convenient and best chance to find a good deal through price comparisons at your fingertips.

One great source that I will always recommend is Amazon. They have a wide variety of both RV and non-RV types of toilet paper, and if they’re on Prime, you could get them in as soon as the next day or same-day if you live close enough. 

What brand of toilet paper is best for an RV?

There are a few brands that come to mind. If you’re looking for an RV toilet paper, you can’t go wrong with any of the following:


If you’ve been around the camping life for a decent amount of time, Scott isn’t a brand that is really synonymous with camping. They are, however, one of the leading manufacturers of paper products which includes toilet paper. Their rapid-dissolving toilet paper is one of the best that you can find. They also have a line of household toilet papers that could very well be adapted for use in your RV.


Now, this is a name that is synonymous with camping. They have a vast selection of products that are produced specifically for camping. Their sewer hoses are definitely popular among campers and are worth checking out. Their reputation speaks for itself by their continued commitment to continue innovating and improving their products to be the best that they can be while providing a fair price. 


Thetford is a brand that has been leading the way in manufacturer and selling hygiene products since 1963. They’re committed to producing high-quality products for consumers. Like Camco, they have are a well-known company that many campers are likely familiar with for their outstanding products. 

With a selection of the above-mentioned companies, you can’t go wrong. They’ve been in the game for a long time, and they’ve built a reputation for themselves that tells you that you can trust any product that they produce.


Whatever TP you choose for your camper, just make sure it’s rapid dissolve! What’s your favorite RV toilet paper?