infant laying on changing table in diaper
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Diaper Rash Remedies that Get Results Fast

infant laying on changing table in diaper

No matter what you do, every child will experience a diaper rash at some point. It’s unavoidable. And honestly, it’s brutal to watch your baby screaming and squirming on the changing table from a diaper rash. Especially when you know there isn’t much you can do to make the rash magically go away. Having a few diaper rash remedies ready can make suffering through a rash more bearable for you and your little one.

If your child gets rashes a lot, or maybe you just want to learn more, discovering the causes and ways to prevent diaper rash is a great idea!

These are the nine tried and true best diaper rash remedies I’ve used with my children. Hopefully one or two of them are new!

There’s a DIY Miracle Paste recipe, access to the toolkit to snag it!

Best Diaper Rash Remedies

No Wipes

Yep. Stop using store bought wipes. Instead, switch to a damp baby washcloth. Or use one of the peri bottles you left the hospital with,  fill it with lukewarm water, and gently spray baby’s genitalia. Then wipe with a washcloth.

Some of the chemicals in baby wipes can further irritate a diaper rash and make kids uncomfortable. If using a washcloth with poopy diapers is too gross, use your regular wipes and try to use the water and washcloth for pee diapers only.

Hair Dryer

This seems a little silly. But I’m so serious. Instead of letting baby’s bum air dry or pat it dry with a cloth, try using your hair dryer. Put it on the low, warm setting (or hit the cool shot button) and dry baby’s bum. The air will feel good. Just make sure you hold the hair dryer at least a foot or so away from baby’s butt.

How’d I get this idea? Well… you know how sometimes you get sweaty when you’re getting ready after a shower? I hit the cool shot button on my hairdryer and hit my underboob sweat. It felt amazing, and I realized it might feel good on a diaper rash too.

Butt Cream

This seems logical, right? Diaper rash creams are made for a reason- they work. Make sure you use one with zinc oxide. The zinc helps protect the skin by working as a mild astringent and has some antiseptic properties. Make sure you grab the DIY Miracle Butt Paste recipe from the toolkit!

NOTE- if your baby has diarrhea no amount of butt cream will help you. Don’t bother trying to treat the rash until diarrhea has stopped. Instead, stick to protecting the skin with something simple like Vaseline.


A good old-fashioned tub of Vaseline works wonders for diaper rash.  This will keep baby’s cheeks slick, so they don’t stick and will make a barrier between skin and bacteria. Vaseline is my go-to for friction rashes and when my kids have diarrhea. I want something simple that acts as a barrier between the skin and the urine or bowel movement.

Coconut Oil

If a petroleum-based product isn’t your thing, try coconut oil. Coconut oil has anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent the rash from progressing to infection by killing the bacteria sitting near baby’s skin.

These are the nine tried and true best diaper rash remedies I've used with my children. Hopefully one or two of them are new!

Baking Soda Soak

Not much feels better than a nice warm bath; toss a few tablespoons of baking soda into the bath water for a refreshing soak.  Baking soda neutralizes skin acidity which will calm the rash and make baby’s bum relaxed.

Breastmilk Bath

Fill baby’s tub with some warm water and add just enough breast milk to make the water cloudy.  Let them soak for about 10 minutes, drain all of the milk/water, then give the baby a regular bath.  The antibodies in the milk prevent germs and soothe damaged skin.

Liquid Antacid

Yes. Pepto Bismol, Maalox, or any liquid antacid are excellent diaper rash remedies! Put a generous amount of antacid on a cotton ball and dab onto the affected area.  Let it dry completely then diaper normally.  It will dry up all the moisture sitting in baby’s sensitive skin and will act as a wall preventing more from getting in. This diaper rash remedy works well if the cause of the rash is from eating acidic foods or from diarrhea.

Fresh Air

Nothing make’s baby’s sweet skin happier than a break from their diaper and some fresh air.

Throw down a towel or blanket and let them hang out! If you don’t want to do laundry, take them outside and get some sunshine and some fresh air on those sweet cheeks.

Please, Don’t Use

Baby Powder or Corn Starch

I see these recommended a lot because they’re supposed to help keep the skin dry, but they can cause the opposite.  The powder can sit in skin creases and hold moisture which will help bacteria spread more quickly.  This can cause the rash to graduate to an infection.

If you’ve tried a few of these diaper rash remedies and nothing seems to be helping, or if your kiddo has had a persistent rash (that shows no signs of improvement) for four days, it’s time to see the pediatrician.

Hope this helps! Happy Diapering!

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