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Simple, Mold Resistant Bath Toys

Stop buying bath toys that get moldy. Instead, try mold resistant bath toys! These simple bath toys have held up with a year of consistent use.

Bath toys are the bane of my existence. Well. They were anyway. Every few months I was tossing our toys and getting new ones because they had gotten gross and moldy. Then I figured out a simple way to ensure we only purchased mold resistant bath toys and we haven’t had to buy another set in over a year!

You Should be Concerned About Moldy Bath Toys

Yes. Bath toys get moldy, especially those little plastic squirt toys, because water can get IN and then has a hard time getting OUT. Combine stagnate water with a warm, wet bathroom environment, and it’s a breeding ground for mold.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘I can’t SEE the mold. So, does it even matter?’

Short answer: yes.

When your kids are in the tub, they’re playing with mold ridden toys. So, that little squirty fish is spewing mold spores into the water and probably into your kid’s mouth. Because that’s what kids do when they’re in the bathtub- they drink the water.

So, all the little mold harboring toys have been seeping mold spores into the bath water and potentially into your kid and can cause a whole slew of issues over time.

Just say no to mold harboring toys and instead reach for simple, mold resistant toys.

Not sure what those are? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Stop buying bath toys that get moldy. Instead, try mold resistant bath toys! These simple bath toys have held up with a year of consistent use.

Why Simple Bath Toys are Key

When we start thinking about mold resistant bath toys, simplicity is critical. The simpler a toy is, the less likely that it will hold water once the bath is over.

Think about a cup or a basic swimming pool diving toy. Both of those are an example of a simple bath toy. The cup has a clear entrance and exit for water. The diving toy has no holes, so water cannot get in.

When it comes time to buy bath toys, those are the two factors you need to consider:

  1. Can water get IN?
  2. Can water get OUT easily?

Mold Resistant Bath Toys

Our favorite mold resistant bath toys are sand toys from Melissa and Doug.
Our girls love them, and we haven’t had a single issue with mold! I’m also a fan of getting cheap pool toys (like these SwimWays Fish) at the end of the summer.

Best Mold Free Bath Toys

We’ve also had outstanding experiences with all of these toys; they’re all still in our tub a year after purchase. MUCH better than those little animals that squirt water! 

OH! And let’s not forget that your toy storage matters too. The water needs to be able to escape entirely so that the toys can dry and so the container doesn’t get moldy also. I’m a huge fan of these mesh toy bags. They last forever, and if they do get gross, you can toss them in the washer!

What are some of your favorite bath toys?


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