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How to Stop a Bloody Nose Quickly When Camping

Bloody noses are incredibly common. Checkout the precise steps to take to stop a bloody nose fast when camping!

Kids get bloody noses a lot- mostly because they’re gross little nose pickers (seriously, how many times a day do you tell your kids to get their fingers out of their nose?!). So, you need to know how to stop a bloody nose- the right way- and when it’s serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor.

Why kids get bloody noses

  1. They constantly pick their nose
  2. They get hit in the face

Yep. It’s that simple. Shoving fingers up their nose is one of the primary ways kids get nosebleeds. They usually shove their fat little fingers up their nose and DIG. I mean DIG for gold. That’s super irritating for the nasal passages and can cause bleeding.

PRO TIP: keeping a child’s nails short decreases the irritation in their nose when they pick.

Kids love to play. And part of play may include getting hit in the face with a ball, toy power ranger that a sibling threw across the living room, or running straight into a wall because they weren’t paying attention.

Any of these things can cause a nosebleed. That’s why they’re so prevalent in kids!! But here’s the reality, a lot of folks aren’t treating nosebleeds correctly.

What to do When Your Child Gets a Nosebleed

First things first, you’re probably doing it wrong. Yep. You are. And it’s ok! Many parents still treat nosebleeds incorrectly, using old-fashioned and outdated advice like:

  • Having your child lean back
  • Pinching the bridge of their nose
  • Putting ice on their nose
  • Letting bleed until it stops
  • Shoving a tampon up their nose

With any or all of these steps, it is not uncommon for a nosebleed to last for 45 minutes or longer. That’s a LONG time- especially with a child that’s probably whining or crying.

With the tips I’m going to share with you, you’ll be able to stop a nosebleed in 15-20 minutes. That’s half the time!

How to Stop a Bloody Nose Fast

  1. Have your child lean forward (if they lean back they may swallow the blood and cough, choke, or vomit. Yuck.).
  2. Pinch the child’s nose just below the bony bridge. Don’t just pinch the nostrils closed. Your fingers should be on the bone as well as the soft tissue. There should not be visible bleeding while you are holding the nose; if there is, adjust your grip. The child should still be able to breathe a little through their nose. By doing this, the blood will pool in their nose and help it clot quicker. It will also prevent it from ‘gushing’ out all over your carpet- BONUS.
  3. Continue to squeeze the nose for five to ten minutes and try to avoid frequently checking to see if it is still bleeding. After five to ten minutes, gently release the pressure, if it is still bleeding, then hold it for another five or ten minutes.

Using an ice pack alone won’t stop a bloody nose, you can have the child hold an ice pack on their nose while you’re applying pressure. Ice will help the blood vessels constrict and may help the bleeding slow quicker.

Once you stop the nosebleed, it’s important to keep a close eye on your child and ensure that they don’t pick or blow their nose. Either of those things could open the clot, and you’re back to square one.

If a nosebleed doesn’t stop after the second or third try (15 to 20 minutes of applying pressure), it’s time to see a doctor.

You should also see a doctor if the nosebleed resulted from an injury (like a severe fall or a blow to the face). You’ll want your child evaluated for a concussion.

Wrapping Up

Kids get nosebleeds all the time, and most of the time, they don’t have a serious cause. It’s important to know how to stop a nosebleed- the right way. You can also teach older kids how to stop a bloody nose by applying pressure.

If your child gets nosebleeds regularly, prevent them by working to control any of the factors that might be triggering the bleeds, like allergies or nose picking.

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