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Uncommon First Aid Supplies You Need

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You probably have a basic first aid kit at home with band-aids, ace wraps, assorted creams & ointments, and that’s great for everyday mishaps. But, there are uncommon first aid supplies that you should always have on hand. Trust me, these five things are must-haves at my house (and in my car too), and they’re all first aid supplies that don’t come in most ready-made first aid kits on Amazon.

Want to know what those uncommon first aid supplies are and how to use them?

Let’s jump in!

Five Uncommon First Aid Supplies


If you have kids, you need coflex. It’s magic. Coflex is a special tape that doesn’t stick to your kid, only to itself. So when little Susie trips a lot falls for the one-hundredth time and scrapes her shin, don’t bother with a band-aid. Clean the wound, slap some gauze on it, and use coflex to keep it in place.

We use coflex a LOT at our house for injuries in awkward places that make using a band-aid hard. OR if my children are constantly taking the band-aid OFF when I need it to stay ON, I just tape that band-aid right on with some coflex. Good luck taking that off, kiddo.

There are multiple widths, but the 1.5in is a staple in my house. I’ve even been known to order it a case at a time. You can find my favorite kind on Amazon here.

SAM Splint

Are you thinking WTF is a SAM splint? It’s fine. I said the same thing when I first learned about them in college. They’re amazing, lightweight, incredibly strong splints. And also one of the most uncommon first aid supplies to find in a home first aid kit.

What makes them so awesome? Well, you can take a SAM splint and bend it into any simple curve, and it becomes exponentially stronger and more supportive. They’re also re-useable. AND they require wrap or tape to provide the necessary strength to support any fractured or injured limb. Pretty neat, right?

SAM splints don’t take up much space. You can roll or fold them up, and they’ll slide right into your first aid kit without making it extra heavy.

I always have two sizes on hand: the Junior and Regular lengths. If you only want to add one to your first aid kit, I’d snag the regular size. Find it on Amazon here.

There are uncommon first aid supplies that you should always have on hand. Sharing the five uncommon supplies that are must-haves at my house!

Cravat Bandage

Cravats are extremely versatile bandages, but very few people know how to use them. I love them to hold SAM splints onto injuries and also to make a custom sling for any size person. They work as a wound care dressing if nothing else is available. AND I’ll use them to hold gauze (or a diaper) onto a head injury bandana style so that a child can’t pull off the bandage.

I always have at least three of these in my house at any given time. Grab yours on Amazon here!

Trauma Shears

Yes. You need trauma shears. The big, Grey’s Anatomy sized trauma shears should be a staple in your home for two reasons:

  1. You might have to cut clothing off of your child in an emergency situation. Like if their clothes get caught in a bicycle (or something worse). Or if you need to expose an injury quickly.
  2. They’re the best for opening packages with obnoxious amounts of tape.

Mostly you need them for number 1. But, I do use mine regularly for number 2. I’m not kidding. This is the pair I’ve used for the last 5 years, and they’re still going strong! Grab your trauma shears on Amazon here.

CPR Mask

You can do CPR without a mask. I don’t for one second want you to believe you need a mask to do CPR. BUT, having a mask at your home (and in your car) can help you give more effective rescue breaths. It’s difficult to get a perfect seal on another person using only your mouth. A CPR mask also has a backflow valve so that if someone pukes while you’re doing a rescue breath, their puke doesn’t go into your mouth. Gross, right? Get a CPR mask. Thank me later. Grab yours here!

Hop over to Amazon and add those uncommon first aid supplies to your cart and order them. Today. You may not need them tomorrow or the next day, but when you do, you’ll be happy you have what you need at home.

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